Export CueList2 for gma2

Simple tool to Export Cue List (Sequence) with Trig Time for grandMA2.
Every single grandMA2 operator knows how much time need to spend to tediously fill out all times for Trig Time in Cue List (Sequence).
We know that as well, because we are one of those people and we are doing that constantly.
Now we have a solution for you!

Change Cue Number, Cue Colour, Cue Fade or Info from within the application. You can also print your Cue List (Sequence). Just import to Reaper multimedia file (music or video) you’re working on.
Prepare all Cues (Markers in Reaper) – light changes, accents, solos, etc. that you want to use in show.
Export CueList2 for gma2 app will finish all work for you by importing to console Of Course:
– Cue List (Sequence)
– Sequence number
– Sequence name
– Page number
– Page name
– Executor number
– Cue Time – for Trigger Time
– Cue Color
– Cue Fade
– Cue Info

And the main thing:
– All times in Cue List (Sequence) for Trig Time!

As simple as that!

Windows version:

Download and install Export CueList2 for gma2
Download the manual (pdf)
Buy a license 😉 (only for Windows!!)

Required apps:
Download and install- Adobe Reader  (only for Windows)
Download and install – Reaper
Download and install – SWS Extension

macOS version:

[appstore id=1506652993]

Required apps:
Download and install – Reaper
Download and install – SWS Extension

Any questions?
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